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Damaged Documents Tintypes

Tin Type Husband and Wife

TinType Husband and Wife 2

TinType Mother with Daughter

Tin Type Husband and Wife 3

TinType Union Soldier

Tintype W. Earp

Tintype woman

Tintype Mother and Daughter

Tin Type 4 Women

Tintype Photos

Above photos are a small sampling of what is possible. None of our
works are designed from templates. Each photo is unique
to your business, hobby, profession or service.
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Contact us at 609.970.4942 or E-mail us at:

All images are available on a variety of printing formats such as:
Post Cards, posters, flyers, banners, calendars and whatever your imagination.
Note;offer does not include personal photos.

Contact us for details, pricing, special requests and for commercial usage. Discounts offered
for large orders. Example: Individual blank card with envelope is $4.00 with free shipping.

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